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Year: 1999
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power
Rating: PG 13 - Teens

One Piece

22 years ago, the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger, departed the world leaving behind the treasure One Piece for any who are worthy enough to find it. He who finds this treasure would be granted the title "Pirate King". Amazed by this news, the young Monkey D. Luffy sets out on a journey to find a group of pirate comrades, towards his goal of attaining One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. Based on the manga by Oda Eiichiro.
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"One Piece" Reviews
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     just an advice

My advice is to watch this anime 1 arc at a time, so wait about 50 episodes and than watch all of them. I've been doing this for the last 150 episodes and it's much more fun this way.

Even if u don't read the manga u can tell when the arc is over by reading the episode's title. For all the fans that are dissapointed on how slow this show is moving, this is my advice for them. We've watched too many episodes to drop this, and i still love this anime because the characters are unique and funny.

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      One & Only

Do you like action , adventures , comedy & some crazy plot twist and deep story? This is your thing no need for more words BUT if there is some  weakness is just the pace of this anime, its pretty slow and for those that say the animation sucks just ignore them it gets better after some season.

P.S. :Just an average review for the king of all animes One Piece is one of a kind :)

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    This is one of your popular Shonen Jump animes
I enjoy One Piece myself. But honestly it's nothing that impressive. I really don't need to make a review on this since it is one of the big 3. But since I see  people just saying it's good watch it, I felt the need to explain for all of our new otakus(: Basically One piece is a good action anime with a better story than Naruto. Only thing that brings the show down is the slowness of the story, the ridiculous amount of episodes, and the looming thoughts that sound something like "They're pirates that never find treasure, help people, and somehow live pretty good lives." Now I'm not saying don't watch One Piece if you haven't. It's good if you want to push through the 600 some episodes. But for the people that watch it hoping to find why it's one of the big 3 within 20 episodes, just stop and move on to one of the other animes. Plenty of them are great
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      best anime

there is no need for me to explain what the anime is about

Everybody knows it by know and you can read it if you open the anime

It's definitely the best anime i've seen

there are also other anime that are very good

Don't stop after watching one episode or if you think it's stupid

it's not stupid and you can see what friends are

you cqn laugh almost every episode and it also has some emotion

See it for yourself 

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     One Piece Review

One Piece is one of the bigger animes and has 600+ episodes out and still not being close to the end. It's about a boy around 17 years named Luffy D Monkey that set sail as a pirate to find the legendary treasure, left by the infamous pirate Gold Roger, which has the same name as the title of the anime; One Piece. Along the way Luffy meet people who join his crew, explore all kinds of islands and fight people that stands in his way. Even though Luffy is a pirate he's actually quite friendly and help people around the world.

The anime have been going on for 14 years and reflect that in the animations were you can cleary see age of the first episodes, but that doesn't take away from the series. However in the later years every female that is somewhat important to the plot hvae huge boobs and slender bodies, which looks quite odd. Also the general childrens heads has grown big. 

The soundtrack for One Piece could be described with one word: Epic. It fills it role in enhancing the moments of heat, but also when they're just goofing around. 

The series still has it's flaws. One of them is that some side-plots feels like they just get abandoned in the middle of it, leaving you wanting more of that in a bad way. I would also like to point out that the series get really drawn out later on, which can sometimes be frustrating. They would maybe do good for One Piece to have some fillers so they can pick up the pace again. The lsat thing about one piece worth mentioning is that in the close to live episodes it seems like the crewmembers have started to lose some of their "charm" and I really hope that it will not continue, as that would ruin the comedy part of One Piece.

In the end I would rate One Piece 3.5 out of five (rounded up to four on the star rating) At this point it can become better, but there's also a risk of it falling a little more. 

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