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Year: 1999
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power
Rating: PG 13 - Teens

One Piece

22 years ago, the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger, departed the world leaving behind the treasure One Piece for any who are worthy enough to find it. He who finds this treasure would be granted the title "Pirate King". Amazed by this news, the young Monkey D. Luffy sets out on a journey to find a group of pirate comrades, towards his goal of attaining One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. Based on the manga by Oda Eiichiro.
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"One Piece" Reviews
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      Awesome Anime
I have been watching this anime for a couple years now and love every second of it. The character interaction, growth and uniqueness are fantastic. Everyone brings something to the table to make this anime work. I see people bash this anime because it is slow. There are very few episodes that I would consider fillers but the story line moves along. I hate to compare different anime shows but has anyone been keeping track of the Naruto Shipudden fillers? I love the Naruto series but if someone is going to bash a series for taking the slow route I believe Naruto wins with no comparison. If you take a break from any show anime or not and binge watch them all at once, that is obviously the most fulfilling way to watch anything. So I would say give this anime a shot it is well worth it for anyone who has ever enjoyed Naruto or Bleach(RIP). Enjoy!
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      Honestly just give it a try
Honestly I am tired of people bashing this show or giving half-baked reviews, you either like the show because you stuck with it or you dislike it because you lack the patience or capacity to retain any information as the series progresses, there's no in between if you don't have a real answer. Personally I love shows with a range of episodes whether it is 12, 26, or even a couple hundred, as long as the story is entertaining the length doesn't matter. For most people this show may seem long or dragged out, but that's only because they truly don't understand how much development and work is put into this series. Seventeen long years, and it is still going strong, it describes all of Luffy's crew members, how they all grow and change as the series goes on, and even the artwork changes with the times. Sure, it has like over 700 episodes, but each arc in this series has a meaning, the show it isn't a half-baked story that the writer tried to stuff into 20 something episodes, he worked hard on this series, and it still isn't done, but once you get started you won't want to stop. The characters, and the story will lure you in, and you will have favorites, the show will make you cry, and laugh, not to mention the awesome openings for the series. Another great thing about this anime is that these episodes aren't full of fillers like Naruto which basically gave up on ending the war, but each episode follows the next, and if you have a problem with the way they portray this pirate crew, then doesn't matter you will love them anyway and there will be others that are true pirates in the show if that's what you want. But give this show a chance, it is about family, friendship, trust, respect, society, and discrimination, real societal problems placed into a comedic, action packed show with a hilarious main character. Yes, he's made of rubber, but if you watch the show, you will see how he turns that seemingly useless idea of a rubberman into a force to be reckoned with. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.
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     This requires a specific way to watch.

If you want the full, and true excitement that One Piece has to offer then stop watching it. For now atleast, I say this with good reason, If you don't believe me then rewatch the whole thing. Its best when you can just gluttonessly binge on constant adventure! Waiting a year(YES an entire YEAR) Should give them time to make up to 60 episodes, an entire Arc. Which is always Epic when you watch it episode after episode!


So if you are too truly enjoy this show the way it is suppose to be, then wait. Let it simmer, then take it back out once its done cooking. Taste best that way. And you know what they say: "Hunger is the best seasoning" So take a break from One Piece so when you come back, you can satiate that gnawing feeling that makes you feel unsatisfied.

Otherwise, Watching this anime once a week, with not much progression is not advisable. It has too many details and doesnt want to skip any of it, so wait for it to build, so you can take in all those details at once!!!


Hooray for patience! 

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Once it gets into an Arc where everyone is doing a battle, the story progresses very slowly and once you catch up in episodes it gets even slower because you can't go to one episode to the next.  There is a shit ton of flashbacks for every character nuance, they re-use a lot of their earlier art.

I wish they released 1 hour episodes and not 30 minutes, but that's too much work for once a week. 

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    This is stupid

Stop posting stupid review battles.  You're wasting everyone's time here.  If you don't like it put it into an actual review instead of hate spam.  you know what I means like, rate the art and soundtrack and characters and explain why they aren't good.  You can only really do this if you've watched the show which is the only time you should post a review.  

Also, stop posting back at these fools because that only starts stupid wars like this.  Everyone is being such a fanboy or hater that it is just stupid.  If you like it write a good review, if you don't like it write a bad review, but explain why in either way.  In any case stop posting stupid reviews that don't help anyone at all, there are forums for debating like this.  You aren't posting anything constructive here.  Go away.  

Peace out fools 

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